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When you’re born and raised in New York City you develop a thick skin. Pair that with my innate sense of empathy, and I was destined for a career in the arts.

On camera, I play spitfire women who know how to handle themselves when situations get sticky. But my roots in improv have taught me how to cut through that sharpness with a sarcastic sense of humor, and back it up with a whole lot of heart.

My journey as a performer has been anything but typical. I started my career as an actor, but left the industry for a time to follow my passion as a teaching artist. As the founder and executive director of an arts education organization, I spent 20 years advocating for equal access to arts for students with disabilities. Through my work as a certified American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter, my world expanded to include the vast community of artists and audiences with disabilities, who are too-frequently left on the periphery of the entertainment industry.

During all those years in education, I didn’t forget my roots. I threw my hat back in the audition ring a few years ago, and am excited about the opportunities coming my way. I’m creating cabarets that tell the stories I’ve been collecting on this road less traveled. I’m singing again—and not just for my husband and my cat. I am hungry for projects that prioritize diversity and accessibility. So let me be your singing, signing, saucy female. Trust me, I'm your gal.




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